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Antiques Trade Gazette 10 questions

20th February 2013

I was recently asked to do the "10 Questions" column in the Antiques Trade Gazette Newspaper. It something that ive politely declined to do before, but as part of a quid pro quo arangement with the editor in return for publicising my "Signed and Designed" exhibition this is what I wrote:

1. How long have you been dealing?
15 years, starting with a regular pitch at a car boot sale.

2. Do you do any fairs?
I deal mainly through my website and an annual selling exhibition, but after a couple of years sabbatical from fairs as a result of motherhood, I will be exhibiting at several fairs this year including the Haughton’s Art Antiques London.

3. What was your first job?
After six years training, a therapist in prison.

4. Best, and worst, thing about being a dealer?
Best, the thrill of the chase. Worst, the challenge of finding childcare that works in conjunction with the strange hours of the antiques trade.

5. What has been your best buy and your biggest mistake?
Best buy, my very first purchase, a cup and saucer for £1 and selling it for £1.50… it’s how the addiction began! Biggest mistake, spending so much of my early career stripping pine furniture… only to see it all painted again within the decade.

6. What is your dream object?
A 3ft Martin Brothers bird.

7. What is the biggest threat, in your opinion, to the trade at the moment?
The failure of certain parts of the trade to evolve and adapt to the different trading environment of today. Together as dealers we could make a huge impact if we stopped grumbling about the “old days” and picked up the baton and ran.

8. Guiltiest pleasure?
Far too many to mention…you’re a long time dead!

9. Any advice for those starting out in the trade?
Understand that mistakes are inevitable; forgive yourself, take the hit yourself and move on having learnt.

10 What keeps you awake at night?
My guilty pleasures!

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